OZ Lotto Powerful Supergate Lottery System


OZ Lotto Powerful Supergate Lottery System

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Please Note: We Do Not Use Any Random Number Generators In Any Of Our Lottery Programs. All Lottery Numbers Are Produced Using Proven Algorithms

This Program Gives A Realistic Chance To A Jackpot Lottery Win

OZ Supergate is a high level program consisting of 45 numeric cells which is called the Gate and 45 Chambers containing 18,000 lines of 7 numbers from 1 to 45 in various sequences which Guarantees one or more 4 folds at all times no matter what combination of 7 numbers from 1 to 45 are offered to the Chambers.

This is called the Matrix (Sub Mass) and is not a Random Number Generator.

Each Chamber can rotate 45 times using the combinations from the Sub Mass to generate and increase the number of new combinations of Guaranteed 4-Folds.

The rotating of the Chambers is also used to find the 5th  & 6th number to complete and project 7 Lotto numbers.

The Gate itself has 10 Gate  Protocols available to it which satisfies the formula R=MT (Random=Motion and Time) Any generated random source contains this formula in this case The Lottery Machines.

The Step Button when clicked will display more Lottery Numbers for you to play within the same selected Protocol and Chamber.

Using the above formula OZ Lottery Supergate uses information from its calibrated Protocols and Chambers, this results in the location and the projection of winning Lotto numbers.

This version has been fully calibrated  to give you the Maximum chances of winning both Major and Minor Prizes.

This program is supplied on a CD ROM Only.

Please Note there is no download or email option.

The program will RUN on all Microsoft Window Platforms.